Sophmore Showcase Logo

MAY 12, 2017 | 7:00pm EST


The NFHCA and Corrigan Sports are excited to announce the addition of the CranBarry / NFHCA Top Recruit Sophomore Showcase to the 2017 NFHCA Top Recruit Spring Fling event!

The CranBarry / NFHCA Top Recruit Sophomore Showcase has been added to provide athletes from the Class of 2019 with an opportunity to get on the radar of those college coaches who are actively looking to recruit 2019s.

The Sophomore Showcase will be played at 7pm on Friday, May 12th prior to the start of tournament play.

Each participating club team is eligible to nominate up to two (2) players graduating in 2019 to play in the Sophomore Showcase.  Club programs with multiple teams in the tournament may nominate up to two players per team. A player may only be nominated by her Club Coach. In order to be nominated the player MUST ALREADY BE REGISTERED for her club team. A nomination does not guarantee an invitation to the showcase. We will fill as many teams (max of 14 field players and 2 goalies) as possible based on the positions of nominated players. Every participant is guaranteed to play at least one half of the showcase game.

ALL nominations must be submitted by Wednesday, April 5th at 8:00am EST. Once a nomination has been received and processed, the NFHCA and Corrigan Sports will be reaching out to individual nominees with a formal invite.  The cost to participate in the Sophomore Showcase is $100 per player. Each participant will receive a numbered jersey as well as a pair of game socks. Participants must register and pay the registration fee by Wednesday, April 19th to secure their spot in the event. NO EXCEPTIONS.


Nominations must be submitted by 8:00am EST on April 5th. Invitations to play will be sent by April 7th at 5pm EST. Invitations must be accepted and players must register by April 19th, 2017 to compete in the showcase.

Questions regarding the NFHCA Top Recruit Sophomore Showcase can be directed to Jess Hicks at [email protected]